Francia Siler, LSW

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Society tells us a child’s impending birth, arrival, and mere existence in a parent’s life should be a great source of happiness. What about when it’s your greatest source of stress and anxiety? When you mask or hide your “true” feelings for fear of judgement? When your child has a disability that has changed the future you envisioned for them? When your partner/support is absent, sometimes even while being physically present? Or maybe you’ve realized you care for your baby but feel no attachment to it. Now what?

You are NOT a terrible parent. Things CAN get better with help.

Francia specializes in helping new parents navigate pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and infant mental health (0-3). She utilizes attachment-focused interventions through a trauma informed lens. She believes there is value in parents reflecting on their own childhood and life experiences and how that has shaped their expectations for pregnancy, birth, and parenting. She also believes the parent-child relationship is critical in a child’s sense of self and emotional regulation, addresses relational challenges through filial play therapy.

Francia has – Advanced Perinatal Mental Health Psychotherapy Training by Postpartum Support International, and has completed training in various play therapy modalities through UCSD.

She can come alongside your family so that you may begin to heal, grow, and thrive.

Francia is a mother of two, and a military spouse with 10 years of experience working directly with parents and their children. She has provided services in many settings including pediatric hospitals, telehealth, in-home, and community centers. She has a masters in Early Childhood Education, and a masters in Social Work.