Mary Slowiak, LSW

Accepting New Clients

When we have been through difficult things, oftentimes we feel misunderstood, unheard, unsafe and hopeless. I do not believe that trauma makes us stronger; rather, I believe that there is something beautiful within us that brings us through the trauma. Trauma processing allows us to let go of negative beliefs about ourselves and the world; beliefs such as “I am not safe,” or “I am unlovable.”  These beliefs can make us feel stuck; like having a rich and full life is not possible. Through engaging in trauma therapy, I will work to empower you to accept all parts of self, allowing for peace from within that will trickle into all facets of life. When we have been through painful experiences, we often feel the burden of carrying this alone. To any parts of you that feel alone in navigating difficult experiences, you are not alone. I am here to welcome you. I seek to affirm, validate, and help guide you to a life with an abundance of joy and love.