Birth Trauma

Many women have an idea of what the birth of their child will be like. They often have a carefully considered birth plan and have done everything possible to make the experience a memorable and joyous one. But what happens when something goes wrong? 

Many women who have experienced a traumatic birth feel angry, sad, confused, or guilty. They feel robbed of the birth experience they had planned and it is hard for others to understand. Friends and family will often say, "Just be glad you have a healthy baby" or "At least you know you can have a baby."  These statements, though well-intended, are extremely invalidating for those who have experienced birth trauma. You can be grateful for having a healthy child AND profoundly sad about your birth experience at the same time. These feelings can co-exist and you do not have to feel guilty about them.  Feeling this way is normal after a traumatic birth.

Therapists at Indy Women's Counseling and DBT are trained using evidence-based therapies to treat birth trauma and to meet women where they are. Many women forget that to consider that they are in a postpartum period while dealing with trauma symptoms. We recognize this and keep this at the forefront as you work through your birth experience.

If you have experienced a traumatic birth or trauma postpartum (pre-eclampsia, rupture, hemmorage or other), please reach out to us for support and healing. We are here for you!