Groups for Adults

Depression and Anxiety Group

Depression and anxiety can result in your world becoming smaller. It can be hard to find the energy to be around other people when you are depressed. And anxiety can make going to the grocery or a family gathering overwhelming- too fast, too bright, too loud, too much!  This leads to feeling lonely and disconnected from the ones you love. One of the most important ways to beat depression and anxiety is through connection.  Isolation feeds depression and anxiety, but connection with others helps to defeat them!

Having a safe group of women who understand what it is like to experience these illnesses can really bless your life.  In the Group setting, you heal while you help others heal through connection and being understood. This is the reason all Intensive Outpatient Programs use group therapy over individual modalities. Groups have the highest rate of efficacy. Quite simply, groups work best to help you heal from depression and anxiety!

If you are struggling with these illnesses in your life, consider joining a Depression and Anxiety Group.  You are not alone and do not have to suffer! Connection is healing and we are here for you!

“UnWined” Group for Sober- Curious Women

The “Un-Wined” Circle is a group for women who are beginning to question their relationship with alcohol.  In the wine culture of today, many women find themselves drinking more frequently.  What starts as a glass of wine with dinner, turns into a glass while cooking dinner and with dinner, and often transitions to one cooking dinner, eating dinner and another after the kids go to bed. And it tends to happen over time, so it is difficult to notice that your drinking has evolved to a few glasses several times a week. It has become the way you relax.

But maybe you notice that on occasion you are finishing a whole bottle by yourself or can drink a few glasses of wine and it has little effect of you.  Or you intend to just have a glass of wine at book club, but over-indulge and have to Uber home.  Or perhaps you are having hangovers after a couple of glasses of wine and that never used to happen. You wonder if this is normal and start to question if alcohol is really adding any value to your life. Nothing bad has happened. You go to work, have no DUIs, and no health issues related to alcohol.  But you also have a hard time relaxing without it.  It has become a habit and a coping skill.

If this sounds familiar, then the “Un-Wined” group is for you! It is a place to explore your relationship with alcohol, examine what sobriety might feel like in your life, and to develop coping skills that don’t involve substances. The group is confidential and is a wonderful source of support from other women who are also questioning their relationship with alcohol. Come and “Un-Wined” with us!

Healing from Hurtful Relationships (Narcissistic Abuse Recovery)

Being in a relationship with a Narcissist takes its toll on your self-respect, feelings of worthiness, and ability to trust yourself and others. This group provides connection with other women who understand you and provides a pathway back to your sanity, confidence, and worthiness. You are not alone. You are not crazy. And you are lovable.

Group is 8-weeks, sold as a package. Closed group. $50 per 90 minute weekly session/$400 total. Payment plans are available. Groups are capped at 10 women to ensure adequate time to share.

Young Adult Process/Aftercare Group

This group provides a place for young women to gather together, as they recover from issues with mood, anxiety, relationships, and other life areas they are struggling with. Group is a nonjudgmental environment and members can share and receive meaningful feedback and support. Adulting and the MANY decisions young women are faced with on a daily basis can be a LOT for anyone. Connect and refresh in a group of your peers.

Insurance is accepted for this group. Self pay rate is $40 per 75 minute session. Open Group. Capped at 10 members.