Abby Mounts, LMHCA

Currently Accepting New Clients!

So often it can feel like when we are struggling it means that we aren’t trying hard enough to be better. That there is a defect within ourselves that is keeping us from being able to live the happy and peaceful life that we are striving for. There can be a feeling of guilt, or shame telling us that seeking out help means we have failed. And so often, it’s not that we are lacking something inside, but we are simply needing guidance and support to find a way through.

My goal is to be your teammate in finding your strength in your growth and healing work. Whether that work is recovering from depression, anxiety, or navigating the struggles of motherhood, I want to provide you the space to become empowered in your own abilities while offering the opportunity to find new options and ideas at living the life you are truly wanting for yourself. You are deserving of a happy and peaceful life, and I am here to help you achieve it.

Abby accepts Self-pay, Anthem and Aetna First Health