Renee Sellers, 200 ERYT

Renee is a Registered Yoga Teacher with a certification in Trauma-informed Yoga.  She believes that every woman has the right to feel comfortable in her own body. As women, our bodies have not always been honored by others or by ourselves.  This can leave us resenting, fearing, hating, and abandoning our bodies at times.

Join Renee on the mat to develop a new relationship with your body. She will partner with you to learn to feel safe in your body, to listen to and trust its signals, and to love and appreciate your body and all it can do.  Renee’s gentle and caring spirit is well suited for those who have experienced trauma and have a high degree of fear and distrust in their daily lives.

Yoga and Body Work will serve you well in combination with ongoing therapy with a therapist from Indy Women’s Counseling and DBT or another practice. If you are ready to for a new relationship with your body, contact us today!