Tayler Kostecka, LMHCA

  Accepting New Clients!

  Tayler holds a Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and deeply cares about helping women. She is experienced in treating anxiety, body focused repetitive behaviors, depression, trauma, and assisting people as they make life transitions. Through her own counseling experience, she recognized her call to make a similar impact in the lives of others. She offers a calm and understanding demeanor that helps women feel safe to share their story. You will have a safe space to process both pleasant and unpleasant emotions and learn how to cope in a healthy manner.

Ultimately, Tayler believes in the power of telling your story and being able to rewrite it. If you are ready to face your struggles, she is ready to go on that journey with you. Trauma does not have to last forever. She will help you know yourself again and grow in the ways you may not have thought possible.

As someone that has known the pain of trauma, she can empathize with the hinderance that this can cause to everyday life. She looks forward to walking along side you on the path to healing!

 In her free time, Tayler enjoys reading, walking her dog, Stanley, and playing board games with her partner.

Tayler accepts Self-pay, Anthem and Aetna First Health