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Trauma-informed Yoga and Body Work

Many of us struggle with our feelings related to our bodies. Some of us have experienced traumatic events in our lives and our bodies no longer feel safe to us.  We may loathe them and feel they have betrayed us. Disassociation and self-injuring behaviors often result from these experiences. But our bodies deserve our love and care.  They are not responsible for others’ hurting them.  We often know this but have difficulty navigating what we know in our heads from what we feel in our bodies.

Trauma-informed yoga and Body Work can help with this. Join Renee to navigate the healing between what you know and what your body feels.  Her gentle and encouraging spirit will support you as you develop a new and more loving relationship with your body. You CAN learn to love and appreciate your wonderful body and honor its experiences and service to you!

All clients participating in Trauma-informed yoga and Body Work are required to be seeing an outpatient therapist, Inside or outside of Indy Women’s Counseling and DBT, to ensure emotional needs are being met. We look forward to serving you.  Namaste.

All Yoga and Dance classes are on hold due to the rise in COVID 19.

We look forward to seeing you when classes resume!